Local Co-op folks met at W. Loop hot spot

Local Co-op folks met at W. Loop hot spot

On November 6, a few cooperators around Chicago got together at Time Out Food Hall in Fulton Market.  Three Food Cooperatives, several housing cooperatives, some worker cooperatives, a financial service organization, and a news reporter, all joined for a some fine local food, drink, and few hours of animated conversation about the cooperative ecosystem.

  • A recent transplant from New Orleans told us about his work in developing and sustaining Cooperation New Orleans, a consortium of New Orleans cooperatives. 
  • We learned that two new food cooperatives in the City of Chicago will open in the next year.
  • Everyone bemoaned the fact that cooperatives have to work so hard to get financing.
  • Some folks, but not too many are applying for the Community Wealth Building initial round of grants.

All-in-all a good time was had.  We look forward to getting together for another celebration soon.

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