Chicago’s 1st Cooperative Economy Summit: 2018

This set of pages was originally published at They document the 2018 Chicago Cooperative Economy Summit.

header image of Chicago's 1st Cooperative Economy Summit with date of the summit (August 25, 2018) and an image within of interlinking circles

On Saturday, August 25, 2018, nearly 300 people gathered in Chicago to share and celebrate ideas about our cooperative and solidarity economies in Chicago. We spent the day in panels, discussion groups, tabling and networking with each other in the hallways and kitchen. Here are some of the take-a ways:

  • Chicagoans are envisioning and creating a different a more humane economy, one in which we all own and share
  • Everyone has needs and something to bring to this new economy
  • Building this economy demands a wide range of individuals, organizations, support and activities
  • Our greatest success will come from everyone having a seat, a voice, and role(s)
  • Our success will depend, in part, on the vertical and horizontal integrations of the cooperative/solidarity ecosystem